This Christmas Time
23rd December

The Higher Elevations minor Christmas classic is out in Japan on a new compilation. More info here. It's also on Spotify: listen to it here.

Amazing reviews for This Year's Model
30th November

There were some amazing reviews of the new This Year's Model album earlier this year. 4 stars in Rolling Stone for example. Read more via these links:

Drinking Gin on Christmas Day
25th December

What am I up to? What's happening to the Elevations?

Well, I am not sure but I have recorded a new album with This Year's Model and it will soon be out and it looks like this:

It took a lot of time but I am very happy with it and I hope that some Elevations fans will like it as well.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to everyone.

Don't forget to listen to our Christmas tune All These Winter Nights. You find it here:

Christmas cheers,

New releases from Time for Action
22th July
Time for Action have a couple of new fine releases out. Notably they have managed to talk legendary, original Mod-revivalists Long Tall Shorty into the studio for recording a very fine new album. Read more here:

Merry Christmas from the Higher Elevations
22th December
An unfortunate long time without updates. The Higher Elevations wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Do remember to swing your hips to 'All These Winter Nights' once more. Cheers! You can also watch Niklas singing in this video.

More Reviews
20th April
Two reviews of The Protestant Work Ethic, one Swedish, one Croatian. Both very good!

The Higher Elevations on Spotify
8th March
All The Higher Elevations releases are now on Spotify! Listen: HERE

Good reviews keep on coming...
16th November
Like this brilliant one from UK magazine 247:

4 1/2 out of 5 stars

The Higher Elevations are a Swedish quartet on a German label, with a very British sound. The Protestant Work Ethic is packed with melodic & power-driven songs, with a nod to the mod revivalist/post punk sound of the late 70s. It’s not all about the retro though: what they do is definitely their own, essentially due to singer Niklas Gustafsson’s unique voice; full of attitude and complimenting the energy created by his band. A definite winner.

Live broadcast of the Higher Elevations Hamburg gig
16th July
If you can't be in Hamburg for Friday's gig, you can see the whole thing streamed live on the internet! At this link, you will find Indra TV, where the show will be broadcasted.

The Higher Elevations summer message
7th July
Europe is quite hot but I'm staying cool with some Holsten and the Persian Love Song. I've just learnt I have an "appealingly unmusical voice, a gruff bark akin to the Only Ones' Peter Perrett, a refreshing corrective to generations of bands whose singers take their vocal cues from the likes of Chris Bell and Eric Carmen".

It's AMG talking about the first Elevations album. Well I am flattered being compared to Perrett. And speaking about Perrett we are also doing some shows this summer. The group line-up have changed a bit again but it's basically the same sounds. Fresh and state of the art garage pop. Have a nice summer and hope to see you in Hamburg.

Cheers, Niklas.

Higher Elevations play Hamburg
10 June
The Higher Elevations will do a gig at the legendary Indra club in Hamburg, Germany, on the 18th of July. Be there!

Another interview!
10 June
A new interview, this time in English, at Sugarbuzz Magazine.

New interview
3 June
Read the brand new interview at Popconnection (in German)!

Even more reviews
26 April
For more reviews of the new Higher Elevations album, check out the Reviews section.

More praise for The Protestant Work Ethic
20 April
There's a steady flow of reviews – ranging from very good to brilliant – of the new album. Some links, more to come:
Ox fanzine
Moloko Plus

First review and more places for shopping
1 March
The first review of The Protestant Work Ethic, from Soundmag, has arrived. The reviewer asks himself if Max Weber would have liked the album, and comes to the conclusion that yes, in all probability, he would…

The Protestant Work Ethic is now distributed by Sonic Rendezvous DCM in the Benelux countries. The album is also available from more mailorders than already listed, like Flight13 and Aerobicfreaks.

The Protestant Work Ethic released today
21st February
Today, The Protestant Work Ethic is released! Buy it here:

Buy from iTunes Store
Buy from eMusic
Buy from Klicktrack

Buy from Time for Action
Buy from Soundflat (CD)
Buy from Soundflat (LP)

MP3 from the album - 'Breaking The News' found here

Release date
29th January
After a slight delay the new album will be out on 21st of February.
Available as CD/LP and Download from iTunes, eMusic, Klicktrack etc. Free download from the album - 'Breaking The News' found here.

New site launched
27th January
Welcome to the new digital home of The Higher Elevations!

Christmas Once Again
15th December
This is the cover art for the upcoming Higher Elevations album. Track list is be found here. The album should be out in Jan/Feb. Also, please spread the greatest Christmas single from 2006 - 'All These Winter Nights'. Available for free from here, and it's just as good for 2007...

The Protestant Work Ethic
14th October
This is a picture from the recent Higher Elevations press image shoot for the forthcoming album The Protestant Work Ethic. The album will be out in December on Time for Action, and will be available as LP, CD and digital download via iTunes and other services. You can listen to one track from the album (Breaking the News) on the Higher Elevations MySpace.

Friday Bridge: Sweden tour

20th September
Niklas Gustafsson officially joins Friday Bridge for this autumn's Swedish tour. Tour dates are as follows:
Haute Culture II - Norrkoping, Sweden - 29th September (free!)
Blekingska Nationen - Lund, Sweden - 5th October
SVMK, Debaser Slussen - Stockholm, Sweden - 19th October
On Our Honeymoon - Gothenburg, Sweden - 27th October
Dakapo, Ostgota Nation - Uppsala, Sweden - 2nd November

This Years's Model – ‘The Clock Strikes Ten’ is out now!!!
Elevations front man Niklas and drummer Henric team up with friends like Ylva from Friday Bridge and Mattias Svensson, Louise Weibull (ex-Fidget), Bid from Monochrome Set, Vic Godard, Jessica Griffin and Dickon Edwards to create a marvellous crime noir album with great pop songs and beautiful writings in the sort-of-anthology booklet. Check it out here.

The new Higher Elevations album ‘The Protestant Work Ethic’ is coming together nicely. It will feature guest appearances from Mads Husvik (ex-Carnation) on organ on two songs and a duet with Suspiria Franklyn from Les Baton Rouge. It's also the first release to feature new lead guitarist Martin Östlund.

The new album
7th July
The Higher Elevations are in the finishing stages of recording the forthcoming album, scheduled for late October release on Time for Action. Due to the hectic work scheme, the album is tentatively dubbed ‘The Protestant Work Ethic’ by Elevations lead singer Niklas.

A tentative tracklist for the album:
Breaking the News
Long Journey
Opening Boxes
Saturday Night Out Again
A Lesson Learned
The Outskirts of Town
My Free Tape
European Holiday
Nights and Days
Interlude in M Minor
In Place
Better Times, City Nights (for the Goth Kids)
The Paperback

Breaking The News from the album "The Protestant Work Ethic"